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Our vision is to be a sustainable, well-known and desirable company of a modern world.

We are because we:
  • create a modern work environment in the office;
  • commit and trust each other;
  • are attentive, flexible and reliable for our partners and clients;
  • are socially and environmentally responsible. 

“25 years ago I became involved in office furniture business by accident. Furniture production and office work was ‘terra incognita’ for me. However, I understood one thing: customers needed high quality office furniture at optimal prices, which later on set the primary aim of our company.

Throughout our history we continued to learn and grow. We achieved impressive results despite suffering from a number of fairly substantial storms. Nevertheless, we are emerging from these difficult times with strength and are successfully moving forward. We would not be able to achieve our goals without direction, choice and values, however. We manufacture modern, simple, high-quality and durable office furniture. We value and appreciate our partners and clients. Our workforce is the most treasured asset our company has and I am certain that this feature will guarantee our success.

Today our company is an effective team of specialists who design and manufacture office and other public-orientated furniture. Our furniture is well established among customers and is favored across the whole of Europe. Our company has a wide range of clients and partners in many countries.

We are open for innovations, new contacts and we are constantly in search for new partners to develop our profitable business together!"

- Petras Narbutas