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UAB “Narbutas Furniture Company“ responsibly cares about the results of its actions in every value creation stage so that it consciously chooses work methods with positive outcomes for the environment when making  new office furniture and presenting customized solutions for the client. By employing the progressive thinking and innovative ideas, the company takes responsible actions in order to establish a comfortable and modern work place as well as to meet constantly changing consumer needs.


The international company is responsible for its stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers and business partners. The company seeks to work in harmony with the environment and uses the totality of methods aiming to ensure the business development and well-being of the people now and in the future.


The company has many years of experience in the development of the business processes, the installation of advanced technologies and the usage of modern materials which ensure long life time of the product. The company communicates and collaborates with business partners and suppliers, therefore experience constantly grows without wasting energy and natural resources.  Responsible usage of resources is encouraged in all product‘s life stages from the creation of the idea to the discovery of the optimal solution in client‘s office. 


All office furniture has been designed primarily considering customer needs, thinking about ergonomics, about the people working in the office, thus the company seeks to ensure long-term health saving conditions. The company aims to contribute to the clients’ life quality improvement by forming an inspiring and effective work place, which ensures well-being in the office and helps to achieve the best results every workday. 


The company uses wood  products supplied only from the forests certified by FSC and PEFC and  supervised following some sustainable principles in order to save ecosystem in forests. Wood from those forests is used for furniture production -  in order to preserve natural ecosystem. Responsible usage of wood prevents from the destruction of the forests and contributes to the preservation of our environment.


UAB “Narbutas Furniture Company“ products, used for metal surface covering, do not contain dangerous chemicals. Metal surfaces are coated with organic paint and it is confirmed by suppliers’ certificates.


The company aims to avoid negative impact on the environment and seeks to use all resources responsibly, therefore, all packages are made from materials which are suitable to recycle. Furniture packages are labeled with Mobius loop symbol so that after usage they can be returned back to the partner companies and recycled.


The furniture manufactured in UAB “Narbutas Furniture Company“ is a result of responsible and sustainable activities. The furniture helps to create optimal working conditions that are environmental-friendly. All conscious processes contribute to the maintenance of the ecological balance.