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Design by Christina Strand and Niels Hvass | Denmark


JAZZ office environment allows you to improvise. It is a democratic office for different people, tasks and demands.


With JAZZ you can choose between height-adjustable and fixed height desks. Employees, who work in the office only a few hours a day, do not require a height-adjustable desk: it is only important that the height of their desk is no less than 74 cm, and the width – no more than 80 cm.


In such offices fixed height desks will be perfectly suitable for special training classes or office canteen zones.


Desk with O-legs
This desk from JAZZ was specially designed for temporary workplaces and conference halls. It is the perfect solution for those, who spend only a few hours a day at their workplace. 

Desktop: melamine, white. Edge: ABS, 2 mm.

A possibility to choose a desktop with or without a cut-out for wire management. You can additionally order a power socket block, meeting the European and British standards, with a spiral power and Internet cable.

Legs of the desk: powder coated metal, black or white.

Cabinet with one pull-out drawer
  • Carcass: always white;
  • Facade of a drawer: made of two layers: inner layer – always black, outer layer available in red or white colour.
  • Inside of a drawer: shelves and back panel - always white.

Available accessories for the cabinet:
  • Inner fabric panel (for the upper shelf);
  • Metal profile; it is designed to protect small tools (for the upper shelf).
JAZZ desk screen
  • Upholstered with fabric, possible accessories: metal accessory rack, suspended sliding shelf with elastic band, fixing metal angles, accessory "Do not disturb man".
  • Dimensions (mm): 140x50x38; 160x50x38.

Power socket block with spirals internet and power cables
  • Power socket block: black colour with aluminium profile.
  • Spirals internet and power cables: black or white.
  • Fittings of cables: powder coated metal, black or white.

Meets European, British and French standards.


Warranty for JAZZ: 5 years for the furniture.