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WIND – simple to achieve the comfort

Habits of an incorrect posture while sitting can cause health problems. Headlines of news articles, books and research over the past few years draw attention to this issue - "sitting is the new smoking". However, they mainly use an old office chair as an example. A modern chair can be customised to your needs and help you stay healthy at work.


NARBUTAS follows the trends of the changing work environment and puts a significant amount of effort in order to develop products that can solve everyday problems at the workplace. A chair is the most important piece of furniture for people working in the office. The main purpose of the office chair is to help you stay comfortable and efficient for a longer period of time. The question that needs to be addressed is do we know how to sit and use our chair correctly by making the right adjustments?


Discover WIND - new task chair with all necessary ergonomic features and functions, which are essential in order to find and maintain the correct sitting position. The best part - it is simple to adjust!



The 6 adjustments of your office chair, you should pay attention to:




1. Chair height.
The thighs should be in horizontal position and the feet should be flat on the floor.


2. Seat depth.
4-5 fingers should easily slide between the calf and the edge of the chair seat. The sloping edge of the seat prevents elevated blood pressure in your veins.


3. Lumbar support.
Make sure that the lumbar support of the chair is adjusted to support the natural curve of your spine (5 lumbar vertebra - the lower back). It should not press your belt or buttons on the clothes your wear. Therefore, it is an advantage to have the lumbar support made of soft material.


4. Backrest.
Find the right tilt angle for the neutral lumbar position - to sit relaxed but not to bend forward or feel the back strain. When you switch to the relaxation mode, do not forget to adjust the armrests.


5. Armrests.
If the armrests are too high, your shoulders rise up and are unnaturally tensed. After a significant amount of time, this might cause pain. If the armrests are too low, the pressure affects your neck position. Adjusted in the right way the armrests take the unwanted strain off your upper spine, neck and shoulders making your sitting position correct.


6. Headrest.
This additional part of the task chair helps to reduce tension in your neck muscles, provides support and comfort to the head and neck while in a reclined position. The headrest is recommended for people working in sitting position for longer periods of time.



Make the correct sitting position a habit!



Press here for more information about the WIND chair.


In addition, NARBUTAS can offer electric or manually height adjustable desks to fully adjust the workplace to your needs and help you to stay healthy in the office while applying the philosophy of dynamic working.


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