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Invite colours into your everyday life!


We can enrich our surroundings and create a greater atmosphere with interior design solutions by using different materials, surfaces and colours.


We may never give any thought to the colours in our workspace, but it affects us every day. It has been scientifically proven, that certain colours have the positive impact and can improve our productivity. Vivid, intense colours promote physical activity, meanwhile cooler and softer tones are better for intellectual activity and concentration.


Blue - a calming colour that brings out the ability to focus on the task.

Green - helps to remain calm and efficient while working long hours.

Yellow - an optimistic colour stimulating creativity and innovative thinking.

Red - a powerful, dynamic colour that induces emotions and passion.



Today's office is becoming a comfortable place that blends the features and functions of work and home. Therefore, the office design trends are going towards a more calming, even cosy home-like environment. The vivid colours and combinations can be successfully used as a stimulating accent or distinctive interior feature.



3 new fabrics -  SYNERGY, ERA and BERTA - are joining our upholstery material range. You will find a rich selection of colours to complement your office style - from neutral tones to the vivid ones.


SYNERGY - a soft handle virgin wool blend fabric, featuring exquisite shades. SYNERGY comes in a rich 17 colour palette, including wonderful bright, pale, dark colours and melanges (mix of two colours). Being soft and relatively thick the wool felt fabric is a good choice not only for soft seating, but also for acoustic solutions.



ERA - a subtle, two-tone polyester fabric with the contemporary baby herringbone weave. The 13 colour palette incorporates playful and vivid colours as well as sophisticated muted tones. Chairs with ERA fabric will create a fresh, colourful look for your office.



BERTA - a regular cross-thread polyester fabric distinguished by its ethnic appearance and earth alike tones. In the natural 11 colour palette - all shades from mostly soft and calm to few deep and vivid ones. BERTA fabric is suitable for the most upholstered furniture and will perfectly complement warm, cosy interior solutions.



Explore combinations selected by our designers - invite colours into your everyday life!

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