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First impressions from Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2014

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2014 is the largest furniture and light exhibition in Scandinavia. Narbutas Furniture Company is contended to participate in it for the first time, presenting their newest office furniture system...

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One of the biggest projects of Narbutas Furniture Company in Russia, in the 2013
Client: LANIT
Products: Nova U, Uni, Nova Executive Light, Gama (mesh).
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DIVA challenges the legendary VERSO

Office chair VERSO fairly represents our production, for which reason we call it our business card. We have been producing these chairs for more than a decade, and it still remains the most popular office chair in Lithuania. To maintain the first place position for ten years could be well considered as an exceptional achievement in the office furniture business where the tendencies often lack consistency. So how did we manage to do that?

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The management tests height-adjustable desks at the annual ‘Tipping Point’ conference

The ninth annual ‘Tipping Point’ management conference took place at the end of September this year, in Palanga. Conference was concerned with the importance of making strategic business management decisions on time which would be most suitable for the company, and not only its leader.

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From the factory to the office. The production pathway of a chair.

Those working in offices know the importance of a quality office chair for their well-being. We spend nearly the whole day in a seating position, 40 hours a week! So it has to be essential to choose an ergonomic office chair.
A chair that is uncomfortable not only decreases your work efficiency, constant being in a seating position has a negative impact on your physical health. Back and shoulder pains are the most common complaints of those who work while sitting.
However, all of these nuisances can be avoided by selecting a chair that satisfies your requirements.

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New colours in the office cabinets

UNI and UNI PLUS cabinets accessories.

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