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New acoustic solution: acoustic panel MODUS

We are introducing New acoustic solution: acoustic panels MODUS – Modern way to reduce noise spectrum.

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Impressions from international fair ORGATEC'14

ORGATEC fair - a total of more than 600 companies from around 40 countries presenting numerous innovative solutions for todays modern offices. ‘Narbutas Furniture Company‘ is among them having an amazing time and experience once again...

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New office furniture system LIGHT

A classical system now is avai­lable in a modern ver­sion.

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New height adjustable desks system ONE

Human beings are not designed to remain seated for a long period of time. We are equipped to be dynamic and flexible. That is why we have created new height adjustable desks systems.

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French media about adjustable worktops

"Industrial and Tertiary Sectors All Vote in Favor of Adjustable Worktops" is the leading article of the newest issue of the French magazine "Ergonoma", which presents this year's most recent ergonomic office furniture, among which the latest Narbutas Furniture Company office furniture system JAZZ appears.

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French media about ‘Narbutas Furniture Company’...

While creating the office furniture system JAZZ, ‘Narbutas’ company group paid regard to the changing concept of the office...

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