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OPTIMA is an optimal office furniture system which allows you to set up a comfortable, functional, aesthetic and tidy workplace. Conservative design and carefully thought-out elements create practical and versatile combinations of the workspace.

OPTIMA C has special C shape double cantilever legs with
a plastic insert to facilitate discreet management of all
wires and cables. Your workplace will always look
aesthetic and tidy.

OPTIMA PLUS system includes panel end legs with levelling
feet up to 10 mm. It is a perfect solution to compensate
for possible unevenness in the floor.

Functional components of the system ensure a comfortable workplace:
  • Various desk accessories allow for an individual and suitable workplace design;
  • A metal frame under a desktop provides more stability (except for system OPTIMA PLUS);
  • Different leg cover panels are available (perforated metal and modesty panels);
  • CPU cradle - flexible or adjustable to the desk frame - for the comfort of those who work with a computer;
  • Fabric desk mounted screens divide workspace into separate private areas;
  • A cut-out in a desktop provides a flexible and aesthetic solution for wire management.