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Custom-made (bespoke) furniture solutions

Bringing ideas to life, meeting the exclusive customer needs and requirements.





Producing custom-made furniture is one of the services that NARBUTAS team can offer you. As production takes place in our own factory, we are flexible in offering various bespoke solutions, such as:


  • Adjustments in the standard sizes or use of different materials and colors in our serial production furniture;
  • Constructing unique customized furniture according to your design, tailored to specific project, space planning demands.


In order to produce custom-made furniture NARBUTAS has dedicated construction and production departments working exclusively with bespoke products.


The Custom-made Furniture Design Department consists of furniture construction engineering professionals, where the senior constructors have up to 25 years of experience working in bespoke furniture construction and design field.


The Custom-made Furniture Production Department in our factory gives the personal attention to detail bringing every tailored design to life and keeping the fully occupied production schedule, as almost every big project has at least some customized furniture requests.